How to make the back to school more bearable for your children

September is already here, and that means that it’s time to go back to the routine. After the summer holidays, this can be very hard for your children. We are going to explain how to prepare the return to school to make it as easy as possible for your kids.

During the summer, surely your children have spent most of their time playing on the street, in the swimming pool or watching TV. After these three months of disconnection, going back to school suppose a huge effort for them.

Getting up early, go to class and do homework are not usually their favorite activities. However, we should try to make this process of adaptation as easy as possible for them. We will tell some tips to make sure that the return to school is a success.

Post-holiday syndrome in children: how to cope with it

The worst part of the summer holiday is undoubtedly when it is over. It is time to return to the routine and it’s also time to say goodbye to the beach, the swimming pool and the relax. As a fact, the famous post-holiday syndrome doesn’t only affect adults, but also does in the youngest.

cómo preparar la vuelta al cole

It is possible that your children may feel very tired and lack of energy before starting classes. For this reason, we will have to give them a good dose of optimism that makes them see the good side of going back to school.

You’ll have to convince them that going back to school is going to be fun. Tell them that they’re going to meet again with their friends, to play in the playground at break time and to carry his new backpack for the first time. In addition, you can motivate them by telling them all the new things they will learn in the new school year, such as crafts in plastic class or how to divide in mathematics.

Make them return to the routine little by little

Going back to the routine is not easy for our children, and even less if we want them to do it abruptly. A couple of weeks before school starts, you should try to gradually make them go back to their school habits.

Firstly, go back to the usual schedule. It usually happens that during the summer holiday they go to bed later, but if their bedtime is usually 22:00, you should make sure it is that way again. It is also important to readjust the meal schedule and the time of games or TV.

cómo preparar la vuelta al cole

Another aspect to keep in mind before returning to school is to refresh what they’ve learned in the previous school year. It is possible that during the holidays they have forgotten some things, so reviewing the most important concepts will help them feel more prepared to face the new school course.

Positive reinforcement

Make your child feel motivated to work hard. Reward them for getting good grades and for being a good classmate with the rest of the children in their class. Also, help them with what they need, homework for example, let them know you are there to support them in everything.

That way, you will make them see that all effort has its reward, and will always have a reason to strive and give the best of themselves. However, you should avoid spoiling them too much, as this may let them think that they will have everything they want, whatever he does, and he will stop trying.

We are convinced that these tips will be really helpful and with them you will be already prepare to face the return of school of your children making it much more bearable. Can you think of more advice? Leave them in the comments.

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