About Aecetia

Aecetia is a non-profit company with a presence in Seville and Malaga, which provides housekeeping services.

We are backed by the Persán Foundation, organization that provides employment integration of people in a precarious social situation, which seeks to stimulate the values of effort and merit in society.

We offer housekeeping or support and sick people or dependents care. We have qualified professionals who perform their work with pride, aware of the work they offer to society.

In Aecetia we carry out a selection and training of our workers with the aim of offering the best service.

Our professionals perform their tasks ensuring quality service, always backed by the supervision of our company and the guarantee of professionalism of the Persán Foundation.

Our employees perform their work providing home cleaning services, babysitting, dependents care and patients care in hospitals; in the cities of Seville and Malaga and the surrounding areas

Soon, we intend to offer new services that will help us continue to meet our objectives with the society, promoting employment and ensuring decent work.

Our Goals

We have a commitment to the society and we care about promoting employment.

Our contribution is to offer incentives for creating jobs. We select and train people who are at a competitive disadvantage to achieve a stable, decent and legal employment.

We advocate for conciliation of work and family life.

Aecetia was born with the aim to support families by offering a high quality service. Our services allow them to enjoy more free time to spend on other occupations and hobbies.

Section close to Mission

We have developed this website to inform about our services, and get to our consumers.

We want to transmit our concern for the betterment of society and thus, we open this communication channel to expand our borders. Reaching more effectively to our current and potential customers.

We are interested in showing the services we offer in favour of society and the labour our workers makes in a dignified and professional manner.

We, therefore, give you our warmest welcome and we wish that our service is helpful and satisfying for you. For inquiries, contact us.


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Mensaje de Nuestro CEO

Gerente de Fundación Persán

José Castro Mora

Desde AECETIA queremos ofrecer un servicio profesional y de calidad a nuestros clientes al tiempo que realizar una buena labor social.

Queremos profesionalizar y dignificar una ocupación que es fundamental para el buen funcionamiento y una correcta armonía en las familias. Nos esforzamos por simplificar y facilitar la prestación de estos servicios al máximo, de modo que nuestros clientes puedan disponer de su tiempo para el disfrute de su casa y de los suyos.

Seleccionamos y formamos a los mejores trabajadores para ponerlos a su disposición.

AECETIA es un proyecto social de FUNDACIÓN PERSÁN y buscamos con ello contribuir a la construcción de una sociedad más justa y orientada al desarrollo integral de las personas.

Our workers

AECETIA, non-profit company, has the support of Persán Foundation for selection work training (theoretical and practical) and hiring staff with attitude.

Our workers have previously received a course of self-training (assistant help at home, basic operations for home care, etc.) that allows them to perform their service cleaning work or support and sick people or dependents care with full guarantee.

At the same time, we establish collective agreements with employers for work experience, through which future workers will practise previously acquired knowledge in our company.

Finally, we are aware of the bureaucratic difficulty that the access to employment often implies; we perform legal and administrative formalities necessary for insertion is performed adequately in the labour market.

We do all this in order to offer families the highest possible welfare, promoting the conciliation of work and family life, at the same time that we quality employment.