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office security

Five security keys in your office that you should consider before going on vacation

The longed for summer holidays have arrived. Finally, after the stress of ensuring that everything is closed, that you can go quietly… Your deserved rest days are here! No matter if you like more the beach or country, do not let your vacation ruined by careless, very avoidable. We leave you these tips to make sure that everything goes smoothly while you close for vacation.

trips with children in summer

10 things you should not forget when you travel with children this summer

Surely on some occasion on the way to the beach you have noticed that you have forgotten the children’s toys and knew that if you did not come back for them, they would not leave you alone all day. What’s more, how many times has it happened to you that when you go to pick up the cream from the bag you remember that you left it on the table? Today we bring you the 10 things you must not forget when you go to the beach with children and how to remember to pick them up.

How to clean the iron from the remains of clothes

How to clean the iron from the remains of clothes

Sure, this situation is familiar: today is a special day, you go to an important dinner, you are almost ready to leave, but when you look in the mirror, you realize that the shirt has that rebellious wrinkle. You will not go to that important date with a wrinkled shirt, so you decide to iron it and… bingo! When you pass the iron, it gets stained. How could it have happened? Today we explain what you have to do to clean the iron when you have a garment stuck and avoid spoiling the rest of your clothes.

travel with seniors

Where to travel with seniors

Yes! The summer holidays are just around the corner. Those weeks where to square the calendar to coincide with family and friends becomes the biggest tetris of the year. Today we want to talk about the possibilities to make family summer plans near Seville, and what you must take into account so that they become unforgettable days. Let’s go there!

how to give light to a house

25 tricks to give light to your home

Has it ever happened to you that watching a series or movie you get stuck with the houses of the protagonists? The duplex penthouse of Blair Waldorf, the beautiful house of the Hamptons of Revenge or the dreamy facades of the houses of Modern Family, is just some examples. Not everyone can afford a house like that, but we can apply simple tricks to make it look as large and bright as possible. And, is that, why not turn your living room into a place as special as the one in Monica and Rachel’s apartment?

trucos para hacer la maleta

5 tricks that we have learned from Marie Kondo to make the suitcase

There is nothing more exciting than planning a trip: find the destination, the most important places to visit, the best places to eat, the clothes every day to be comfortable while been perfect in each photo … Wait! How will I manage to keep everything I want to carry in my suitcase?

Consejos alimentación personas mayores

Healthy eating tips for elderly people

The body evolves over time and its needs change. For example, older people do not usually feel thirsty and their metabolism works more slowly, so these circumstances must be taken into account in order to maintain a healthy food routine. Below, we give you a series of tips to bring a good nutrition for the elderly, adapted to their needs.

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