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trips with children in summer

10 things you should not forget when you travel with children this summer

Surely on some occasion on the way to the beach you have noticed that you have forgotten the children’s toys and knew that if you did not come back for them, they would not leave you alone all day. What’s more, how many times has it happened to you that when you go to pick up the cream from the bag you remember that you left it on the table? Today we bring you the 10 things you must not forget when you go to the beach with children and how to remember to pick them up.

ideas hijos cocina

Ideas for your children to learn in the kitchen

Food is usually one of the most complicated parts in the education and care of children, because they often feel rejected by certain foods and refuse to eat them no matter how hard you insist they are good for their growth. So today we’re going to look at some ideas that can help you get them more involved in cooking and food.

Adaptación de los Pequeños a su Canguro

7 Tips to The Adaptation of The Little Ones to their Kangaroo Easier

If we already know the characteristics that the perfect nanny must have and know where to find it, the next step is to start to look after our child.

When time comes to separate you from your son, you just want it to pass quickly and a thousand questions surround your head, will he cry a lot? Will he adapt well? Will he be happy with her? All members of the family have to adapt to the new routine. Your child will have to get used to be taken care by another person and the nanny in addition to becoming familiar with your child, will have to adapt to the house and your customs. If you follow our recommendations the adaptation of the little ones to their kangaroo will be easier for all.

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