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trips with children in summer

10 things you should not forget when you travel with children this summer

Surely on some occasion on the way to the beach you have noticed that you have forgotten the children’s toys and knew that if you did not come back for them, they would not leave you alone all day. What’s more, how many times has it happened to you that when you go to pick up the cream from the bag you remember that you left it on the table? Today we bring you the 10 things you must not forget when you go to the beach with children and how to remember to pick them up.

How to clean the iron from the remains of clothes

How to clean the iron from the remains of clothes

Sure, this situation is familiar: today is a special day, you go to an important dinner, you are almost ready to leave, but when you look in the mirror, you realize that the shirt has that rebellious wrinkle. You will not go to that important date with a wrinkled shirt, so you decide to iron it and… bingo! When you pass the iron, it gets stained. How could it have happened? Today we explain what you have to do to clean the iron when you have a garment stuck and avoid spoiling the rest of your clothes.

travel with seniors

Where to travel with seniors

Yes! The summer holidays are just around the corner. Those weeks where to square the calendar to coincide with family and friends becomes the biggest tetris of the year. Today we want to talk about the possibilities to make family summer plans near Seville, and what you must take into account so that they become unforgettable days. Let’s go there!

mesa año nuevo

Prepare your table for the arrival of the new year

The table for Christmas lunches and dinners is the meeting place for family and friends during these special dates. That’s why it needs specific preparation and decoration to achieve the desired atmosphere and help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Below, we give you a series of tips on how to prepare your table to finish the year and welcome 2019.

uvas nochevieja

5 original ideas to present your grapes on New Year’s Eve

Preparing New Year’s Eve dinner is not only about making the menu for the whole family, but also having to assemble the twelve grapes to bid farewell to the year with good luck. If you want to surprise your family with a special detail and do not forget that dinner, we give you five original ideas to present the grapes this year.

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