In Aecetia we offer all kinds of services related to home maintenance, cleaning and dependents care. Both Seville and Malaga, we do everything in our power to make life a little easier.

Now, we show you our main services, however, if you don’t look for what is, please contact us.


From occasional cleaning to general maintenance of your home. In our line of Domestic Service, we cover all your cleaning needs and with the frequency that best suits the characteristics of your home.

Both Seville and Malaga, we put at your disposal from performing the household tasks: general cleaning, maintenance, laundry, beds, services for special occasions -end of work, second home or bottom- cleaning.


  • General Home Maintenance
  • Laundry
  • Ironing
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Bathrooms
  • Cleaning of common areas

Occasional services

  • Cabinet changes
  • Second home
  • End of work
  • Change tenants

Now only 11,08 €/h

Child Care

With our babysitting services, we offer a responsible and trusted staff to care for your children respecting their routines and habits, according to the indications they mark them.

Our staff has extensive experience in child care while a loving and positive attitude with children. We have this service in Malaga and Seville.

Now only 11,96 €/h

Help at home for the Elderly

For those people who either through illness or age, are in a situation of dependency, from Aecetia we provide help at home you need.

Since each person has different needs, we will provide the caregiver that best suits each case.

Our workers have the experience and training required. Allowing them to professionally perform the tasks needed in assisting dependents.

We have this service in Seville and Malaga.

Now only 14,21€/hour

Support in Hospitals

With our patients support services in hospitals we aim to make your stay as comfortable as possible, providing family support, especially during evenings and those times where family needs to continue with the routine and rest.

We have a highly qualified team that will ensure the welfare of the patient at all times, with positive and loving attitude.

We offer these services in Seville and Malaga.

Now only 10,76 €/h