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how to give light to a house

25 tricks to give light to your home

Has it ever happened to you that watching a series or movie you get stuck with the houses of the protagonists? The duplex penthouse of Blair Waldorf, the beautiful house of the Hamptons of Revenge or the dreamy facades of the houses of Modern Family, is just some examples. Not everyone can afford a house like that, but we can apply simple tricks to make it look as large and bright as possible. And, is that, why not turn your living room into a place as special as the one in Monica and Rachel’s apartment?

ideas decorar casa para relajarte

Decoration ideas to relax at home

Stress can have negative repercussions for health, that is why it is important to take care of our mental health as well as our phisical one. This can be done through the decoration of our own home and create a small corner of tranquility, where we can go when we need to relax. Next, we give you some ideas to design this space inside your own home.

Cómo Hacer Ambientadores Naturales

Natural air fresheners: How to make them at home

Using an air freshener to perfume the home and car is an increasingly popular practice among people who live, above all, in cities.

Large crowds of people rush and (of course) air pollution through the exhaust pipes, increase bad odors of fabrics and common spaces. In the market we find many solutions to this problem. However, the ecological fever reaches more people each day, which is very positive: the care of the environment is a responsibility that affects us all.