How to decorate your house at Christmas

How to decorate your house at Christmas? Tips to make it easy following the trends

Christmas is a time to be with family and friends, and one of the customs of these dates is how to decorate your house on Christmas.

Follow the trends and reflect your personality in the Christmas decoration

The tendencies for this year are minimalism and simplicity, since the houses very reloaded can be bored. Every time we look for the reflection of the personality of those who inhabit it.

When your guests come to dinner at your house, the first impression is very important, so the decoration of the entrance will be essential. You can put a wreath or garland and decorate it with personalized elements. You can also put white lights, which give a festive tone to your home, or candles in the reception cabinet. Do not forget that these must be odorless so it will not mix with the smell of the dinner, and use a screen to avoid the stain that the wax generates.

If you have plants, you can wrap them in red and gold ribbons and textiles such as linen, wool or cotton, which will add warmth to the Christmas atmosphere.

In the dining room do not discard the ornaments from previous years, since they can help you create a Christmas decoration without spending anything. The best colors are broken, raw and roasted white. Vintage is worn, so use grandma’s crockery. If you do not have it, and your daily crockery has plates of different shapes and colors, do not worry. Unify them by putting the same type of decoration on top of them: Christmas napkins that you can personalize by putting the name of each diner with a gold or silver marker, depending on the rest of the decoration.

Use individual placemats of the same color. If you decide on a tablecloth fabric do not forget to put a placemats, especially if there are children. Finish your decoration with a lovely centerpiece of flowers and candles. You can put two large red or white candles, of different size and surround them with a wreath of flowers to give them the decorative touch of Christmas.

How to decorate your house at Christmas

Children, the most magical touch of Christmas decoration

It is fundamental to improve the children’s self-esteem to spend time with them and make them participants and for this we propose some activities. You can do with them felt ornaments or take advantage of materials and home decorations that you no longer use, recycling themand giving life again, and enjoy those special moments as a family.

You can also make an advent calendar, which will bring more magic and illusion to these dates, where you will discover every day what surprise awaits you behind. You can also dress up the Christmas tree and the crib with them, which should be very visible.

But do not forget the most important thing: enjoy with your loved ones and provide for the New Year and all the moments that you have left to live. Therefore, outsource everything that is less important, such as cleaning and tune the house to spend as much time as possible with your family.

Do you know other easy ways on how to decorate your house on Christmas? Share it with us.

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