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How to educate your children to help at home

The best way to educate children – not just for good, but for the most effective – is to do it positively. That is, through the stimulus instead of the punishment. If you have small children and you are reading this article, it will be that you have also felt the stress of having some dedicated person to undo in your step all your attempts to keep the house in order.

Next, let’s show you a series of tricks on how to educate your children to help at home. But in the matter of education, although much has been written, everything is to be said. We hope that you encourage yourself to share your own strategies to get the children educated, all help is little as far as children are concerned!


How to educate children to help you in the kitchen

Make the kitchen a game to get the little ones in the house to encourage to cook with you. Of course, the most important thing for them to enjoy cooking is that, first of all, you do it too

Let your children keep you company in the kitchen

Children learn from what they see, and if you cook often, they will also want to come and see what you do. Do not miss the moment and let them sit in a chair next to you to observe how you cook.

If it is a difficult recipe, you can let them do an easier part (like putting the salt, or approaching the spoon, beating an egg …).

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You can also prepare homemade recipes to make with children. They are easy dishes, like homemade sponge cake, which are already designed so that your difficulty is low and the children can help you.

Above all, what you do not have to do is force them, because then they will not want to go near the kitchen and it will be more difficult for them to enjoy cooking, which is the best way to make them learn anything.

How to Educate Your Children to be Tidy

When you have small children it is very difficult to get them be tidy. In the first years of life we receive millions of stimuli that make it difficult for us to understand order. But it is true that, as we say, custom does more than any kind of reasoning: if a child grows up in a relaxed and orderly environment, he will grow more easily with these priorities in his head.

Tips to educate your children on responsibility

Of course you can teach them to be responsible for their things. And a good way to do it is precisely that: to teach them that being responsible, is being bigger, which is something that all children in the world like to feel.

Start by teaching them how to make the bed when they get up, a good habit that will accompany them all their lives.

Collecting things that fall to the ground or learning how to store toys are little habits that will help them a lot to keep order at home if you can turn them into a game.

A good way to do this is by “putting toys to sleep” or teaching them that if they keep things in their place, they will not lose them. Remember Mary Poppins!

How to educate your children to be clean

The only cleaning you can teach a young child is personal hygiene. It is very difficult to get children to take responsibility for what they are messing with (it is not necessary, there is no need to go through), but we can make them aware of the importance of keeping themselves clean. Here are some habits you can teach them since they are small:

  • Brush their teeth
  • Wash hands before meals and whenever they play by touching things from the floor
  • Pick up whatever falls off the ground

Above all, do not be obsessed, small children are chaotic and it is the most fun they have. Nor can we try to teach them something that we ourselves do not apply and the most important thing: we cannot pretend them to become tiny adults. Childhood is the moment in which, above anything else, you have to leave space for them to play and stimulate the imagination, captain of all the skills that will eventually form their adult character. As Einstein put it:

[quote] Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited and imagination surrounds the world [/quote]

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Until next week!