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Recycle Bottles and Decorate your House with them

Empty glass bottles and glass jars are objects we usually throw, but you will agree with us that there are some that have highly decorative shapes. Today we are going to teach you how to recycle bottles and decorate your house with it. So you can give your home a very personal touch at a low price, and helping to maintain a greener planet.

Watch for our advice and get ready to decorate!

Recycle bottles to decorate: Previous preparation

Gather all empty glass bottles, plastic and glass jars you have at home. Put the plastic bottles aside and stick with the larger ones, like decanters and 1.5l water bottles.

Then divide by size and colors (if any) bottles and glass jars. Above all, keep in mind the opening of the jar. Canneries serve to make good candle holders. Instead, the neck of the bottles is much more aesthetic to use as a vase.

Divide into small groups depending on what you want to use them for. Begin to imagine the functions that each jar or bottle can do. Here are some examples:

Ideas to decorate your house with recycled bottles

Once you have divided your jars and bottles into groups, choose the places in the house that you think may accommodate these new decorative objects, such as: tables, cabinets and shelves, or even walls, for hanging objects.


Recycle bottles to make lamps

Grab the bottle you like best and turn it into a lamp. You need a cable with a switch, a screen, and a light bulb. And have a little drill to drill the bottle with a drill and glass bit. They explain the step by step to turn a bottle into a lamp in a very well detailed way in La Bioguía.Recycle bottles

Another simpler way to turn a bottle into a lamp is by using LED strips. Grab a strip long enough so that you can hang it from side to side of the wall and still on you to be able to insert a few light bulbs in each jar. Tie the light bulbs to the jar or bottle and this to the LED wire. This will make sure that it is well tied and do not fall. To tie it all together, take a good piece of wire and wrap it around the opening of the jar, the cable and the group of LEDs that you have placed inside (which are actually part of the same cable, but you make sure they do not move).

Recycle bottles to make candles

As simple as introducing a single candle into a jar whose opening is large enough to fit it. Ideal for smaller boats and made of colored glass.

recycle bottles

Recycle bottles to make flower pots

This is where plastic bottles come in. You can do from urban orchards with self-irrigation to simple pots where you can plant any kind of vegetable. You can learn from this good article from HuertodeUrbano.

An alternative to plastic are jars and bottles with large opening and wide body. Fill them with damp and fertilized soil and plant a small seed or bulb in it. Take into account the final size of the plant before deciding on one or another glass container.

Recycle bottlesIf you do not want to plant but you like the idea of filling your bottles with flowers, there is a way to do it. We recommend you to choose the bottles with long and fine neck, as they are the most beautiful.

Fill the water bottle halfway and buy a bouquet of flowers. Place one or two flowers in each bottle. If you want them to live longer, add an aspirin or a little sugar to the water.

Simple ways to customize recycled bottles

In addition to converting your bottles and jars into vases, flowerpots and lamps, you can finish recycling bottles in an original way decorating each one in a different way andas you like. Choose the colors that you like and then decide to improve the appearance of your bottles with one of our techniques:

  • Use threads to decorate the exterior of the bottle with different color ranges. Roll several strands of different colors (within a chromatic range) around the bottle, from the base to the neck, to get a nice home-made effect
  • Choose a vinyl. It is a very easy material to use. Choose vinyls that already have drawings, cut out your own silhouettes or simply wrap a piece of vinyl around your jar or bottle to get a different color. Ideal to match the flower you decide to put.
  • Use glass paint if you have skills in the crafts and fill the glass of your bottles with exclusive and unique drawings. Customize personality by personalizing your bottles as you wish!

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