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Tips to clean your vacation home

The holidays arrive and you are about to move to your summer residence! But … How will you find it when you arrive? There are a number of recommendations that you should keep in mind before starting your summer break to make your days off to last from the first moment to the last.

Take note of our tips to clean your Summer Residence and enjoy the season!

How to clean your summer residence before settling into it

Spend the weekend before starting the vacation – or the previous one – to get ready your summer home and keep in mind these details to make it perfect for your arrival.

Check that the water, electricity and gas work

Open the stopcock and heater. Check, each faucet, that water flows properly, hot and cold.

Do the same with the switches: If there is a bulb that fails, write it in a list and buy another one.

Also check the door knobs and screws in general. Whatever fails, write it on your list and fix it to avoid headaches during the holidays.

Finally, check the gas with the stoves off, get close to the stove and make sure you do not smell or hear any leaks. Turn on each stove to check that the kitchen of your holiday home is ready to receive you.

Clean the rooms of your summer residence

Usually, when no one uses a space in a long time, it picks up odors and humidity. This may be your case. So we are going to put in the washing machines the sheets that are on the beds and we will take away the musty smell. To do this, a trick is to add a few drops of ammonia to the usual detergent.

Do the same with tablecloths, curtains and furniture. That everything you see old or look old, disappear and change the tone. You can return the vitality of your things with a good cleaning or buy some new accessory that makes you excited (Ikea and Zara Home have many decorative objects at a good price).

Keep cleaning furniture with a cloth and vinegar, and go over the floors with the vacuum cleaner first, and then the mop. A clean floor looks better than any new furniture. So, you know, all the effort you make now will become extra comfort when you open the door of the apartment in a few days.

Fill your summer residence with flowers and plants

Clean Summer Residence

We said above to make the cleaning preparations for your summer house a week or two before the vacation begins. So, now that you have the house shining, it is time to go out and buy some plant that you can leave well watered and ready to receive you when you arrive. At the florist you will find very resistant flowers, which you can leave on top of a plate with water so that they stand themselves while you are outside.

Cleaning up your summer residence is a job we can do for you. Get in touch with us and consult ours summer offers. ¡So that you only have to count the days left to start the holidays!

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