How to captivate your tenants and ensure a source of income

If you have a second home, you have a potential source of income. Of course, you need a little care and a little style to make it desirable for your tenantss. In this article we will show you how to captivate your renters and ensure you a source of income both in summer and at any time of the year.

It is not easy to decide to rent your home, for the emotional value you may have. However, the advantages it offers, especially if you opt for short-term vacation rentals, are very enjoyable. Of course, you need to make sure that what you rent is a home and not a mere apartment with old furniture.

Nowadays, thanks to the Internet and especially to platforms such as AirBnB, Wimdu or TripAdvisor, the offer of accommodation for a vacation has become so extensive that the only way to highlight is to offer an exquisite experience to your guests. In this article we give you some tips on how to do it.

Make your tenant happy

Rent your home

Small details like providing shampoos, towels or having all kinds of household items, make a difference. Make sure you have everything they need for them to stay in the apartment. This way you will be giving a good user experience without having to make a big investment.

This means not only the possibility of wanting to come back and repeat the experience, but also to recommend your accommodation to their friends and family. Remember the importance of the recommendations of our friends.

In addition, there is nothing more valuable than the opinions of customers for other customers, both in the digital environment as well as face-to-face. That way you should make sure that everyone who is talking about you is positive.

Take care of the small details

How many times have you heard that the difference is in the small details? Well it’s a great truth, they make the difference. When you take pictures of the apartment to advertise it, it includes decorative elements such as plants, flowers and candles.

It is important that when the tenant arrives, what he sees is the same as you showed in the photos.

Hire a cleaning service company

Rent your home

A cleaning service company can become your best ally when it comes to making your tenants happy.

The fact that people come in and out of a home from time to time makes it necessary to clean more professionally to achieve optimal results.

The benefits offered by hiring a cleaning service company are:

  • Professional equipment: when cleaning thoroughly, a series of tools and specific products are needed, which are suitable for each space or circumstance, thus ensuring thorough cleaning.
  • Health: by cleaning so thoroughly we can eliminate more effectively microorganisms or bacteria that can be harmful to humans. In this way we make sure that the house is free of possible allergies or diseases resulting from a non-professional cleaning.
  • Peace of mind: if we hire a company to cover cleaning services you ensure that employees are insured by social security, so if there is any kind of incident, you can take it easy. Everything will be borne by the company and not your pocket

The Olfactive Experience

It seems that it is not very important but a home that does not have a pleasant smell can trigger the tenant not to feel comfortable, making their final opinions not very good.

Sensory or sensory marketing, from which olfactive marketing derives, exposes how a suitable smell can help even sell a home. What’s more, there are studies that show that smell is more than 150,000 times more susceptible than the sense of sight.

In this sense we recommend smells that we can all recognize as pleasant inside a home: Smell clean (closely related to the previous point of hiring a cleaning company), fresh fruit, flowers … among other pleasant but non-invasive odors.

Latest technologies

Rent your home

Today that we are all day connected, to offer a good connection to internet to our tenants is a basic.

To this you can add that the house has computers available to people who are going to spend a few days in it, subscription services like Netflix or HBO, music … anything that makes life more comfortable will be welcome.

As with the cleaning service, with this type of services you can also deduct VAT, especially if we talk about Internet connection, telephone or even pay-TV.

We hope that these tips to rent your home are useful and help you in your adventure in the world of holiday rentals.

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