Why do we stress on vacation? Tips to solve it

After the holidays it is quite hard to return to the routine. We leave behind the days of relaxation and disconnection to return to our busy life. And there are many who suffer from the famous post-vacation syndrome”. Take note of the following tips to reduce post-vacation stress.

Stress after the holidays is very common among the population. Worries, anxiety, lack of concentration or tiredness are some of the emotions related to stress. The best way to avoid “post-vacation syndrome” is to enjoy your routine and take advantage of the holidays to relax. But if your daily life tends to stress you, these tips will help you.

1.Plan your return


Do not go back to work the day after coming on vacation. It is important to plan your return to work in time to adapt again to the routine and your usual schedules.

The idea is to return two days before, so you’ll have time to unpack your bags, order your clothes, go to the supermarket and organize the house.

2. Go back little by little

We cannot expect to tackle all the work accumulated during the holidays on the first day. We have to set realistic goals, the satisfaction of achieving them will improve our productivity.

One trick to make it more bearable to return to the routine is to return gradually, that is, to gradually return to our usual schedule; do the simplest tasks first and do not schedule extraordinary activities on those days.

3. Get organized

Take note in an agenda all your daily tasks in order of priority. Visualizinf your day will help you organize your time better. Focus on important and necessary tasks. Leave aside those that only take time without bringing anything of value.


At the end of the day, see everything you have done, you will see how it generates great satisfaction. As time goes by you will learn to organize and you will feel much better.

4. Set limits

Although we sometimes resemble it, we are not “superheroes.” The day has 24 hours and even though we would like to do everything we want sometimes is not possible. If you have many things to do, you need to delegate.

Working and doing household chores is sometimes not possible due to lack of time. But the solution is closer than you think. Hiring a cleaning company can help you have more time for you and yours.

5. Time for you

One of the best ways to get rid of stress is to exercise. When we do exercises we release endorphins, also known as happiness hormones, our mood improves and stress decreases. If you practice outdoor sports you will also connect with nature. No matter what exercise you choose, the important thing is to move.


If you are not overly active or your work already keeps you enough hours moving, you can choose to relax by listening to music or reading a book. A good tune or entertaining reading can cause you to disconnect completely.

We hope these tips will help you make the return trip easier. Tell us how was your return to work!


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