Halloween: Cómo decorar tu casa con poco presupuesto

Halloween: How to decorate your house with a low budget

All you need to decorate your house on Halloween is a little time and a lot of creativity.

The scariest holiday of the year is approaching and you may want to celebrate a party to surprise your family and friends. Preparing it requires a lot of organization, but you do not need to have a big budget to spend.

If next October 31 you want to give your house a terrifying touch take note of our tips for decorating your house on a low budget.

Creepy spiderwebs

A very cheap item that works great on Halloween is the spiderwebs. We have different options for making homemade spider webs.

Using cotton wadding we can create spiderwebs with an appearance almost real. We will simply cut the cotton wadding and stretch it both ways along and across. In that way the material will look like a spider web. We can place them in doors, walls or windows.

Halloween: How to decorate your house with a low budget

Another option is to make spiderwebs of white thread. It is a little more laborious process, in which you will have to follow the following steps:

  • Cut four pieces of yarn of the same size.
  • Put the first two pieces in the form of a cross, joining them in the center.
  • Join the two remaining threads so that the four threads are crossed.
  • Once we have the external structure, we cut threads of a smaller size.
  • These threads will be used to join the first four threads creating the shape of the web.

Scary Pumpkins

The pumpkins are already a characteristic element of this party. To decorate our home we will only use its skin that is why the entire interior can be conserved and consumed later.

To avoid that the skin of the pumpkin to rot, we will choose those that are completely orange and that do not have any blow or scratch. Before emptying them, they have to be washed very well to eliminate the bacteria that cause the decomposition.

Halloween: How to decorate your house with a low budget

To empty them we will cut the upper part and with the help of a spoon we will extract all the contents of the interior. Once empty, we can submerge them in water with bleach to keep them intact for longer. Remember to use gloves to protect your skin!

Finally we will proceed to carve it with the most frightening face that we can think of.

Dreadful bats

Bats are animals feared by many people because of their creepy appearance. Therefore, it is a fairly recurrent element in Halloween decoration.

To make paper bats the easiest thing is to draw it in a cardboard and later cut it. We can stick the bats of cards directly to the wall or create garlands to hang them.

In the same way we can make paper spiders, pumpkins or ghosts.

Dark candles

If you want your decoration to produce a certain feeling of restlessness, candles are essential. These will illuminate those areas that you want to highlight and leave the rest in the shadows.

We can use candles of different colors, being the most appropriate white, orange, black and violet. We can also choose candles that have already been used and are melted.

Halloween: How to decorate your house with a low budget

Ghost balloons

Balloons are widely used in any type of party. They can also be used to decorate your home on Halloween.

To create the ghost balloons you only need white balloons, markers, ropes and a piece of white gauze. First, we will fill the balloon and draw the eyes with the aid of a black marker. Later we will place the fabric above, and we will hit it. Then you will tie a rope to hold it.

You already have everything you need to decorate your house on Halloween. Do you have any other ideas? Do not hesitate to share it with us.

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