After the maternity leave, going back to work is not easy. After spending so much time with your baby, you are forced to invest part of that time at work and not with him. To make this process more bearable, we give you some tips that will facilitate the return to work.     

Reconciling your work life with your family life is sometimes quite complicated. When we are mothers we try to extend the maternity leave by adding vacations, nursing days and other days of license. But sooner or later, it’s time to return to work and stop being 24 hours in the care of your baby.

If you have lived it, surely you have had a very unpleasant moment in which thousands of doubts invade you, especially if you are a new mother, who will take care of my baby? grandparents? my partner? Do I take him to a daycare? Do I hire a nanny?

Take it easy, follows these tips and the return to work will be much easier.

Organize your new routine

Two or three weeks before returning to work organize your new routine. Partner planning is essential. We must try to combine our professional careers, schedules and personal life.

Maybe, during the first weeks, the conciliation may be more complicated. The most important thing is to distribute equally the household tasks and responsibilities with the baby.

 return to work

We can also anticipate some tasks, such as spending some afternoon or day of the weekend to prepare meals and freeze them, since most of them can stand up to three months in the freezer and this will save us a lot of time.

Reconciliation with the company

Before returning to work, talk to your boss to catch up with the changes that have occurred in the company. Maybe during your absence leadership roles, responsibilities, projects, etc. may have changed.

If your boss is open to dialogue, try to find different conciliation alternatives. For example, both parents and mothers can choose to:

Who will take care of your baby?

The return to work means that for several hours, you will have to go to your office while another person is watching your baby. Finding a trustworthy person means caring for him/her in the best hands and is one of the most difficult decisions parents face. Who will take care of my baby? We can choose between several options:

 return to work

We hope our recommendations help make your return to work after maternity leave much easier. If you have been a mother and know other tips, share it in the comments below. Ii is sure you can continue helping new parents!

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