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5 tips to clean your wicker furniture

Wicker furniture can be very difficult to clean due to its complex structure. These accumulate a lot of dust and dirt, and although we believe that it is not necessary, we must clean them as we do with any other element of our home.

The wicker is a material with nooks, which makes it difficult to clean. We must dedicate the necessary time so that with its cleaning we obtain the desired result. For this, today we bring you 5 tips on how to clean the wicker.


The first step to clean our wicker furniture is to vacuum it. To do this, you will have to vacuum the wicker furniture with the brush it comes with as an accessory, in order to eliminate dust and dirt more generally and then clean it more thoroughly.

In the case that the wicker furniture is painted, you must pass the brush very softly, as you could damage the surface.

Mixture of hot water and soap

Once the most general dirt is removed with the vacuum cleaner, we clean it thoroughly. For this, you will only need hot water, soap and a cloth.

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First of all, you will have to pour the soap and water mixture into a sprayer and then apply it to the fibers of the furniture. But yes, avoid getting too wet the furniture, because it could be damaged. Once you have applied the mixture throughout the piece of furniture, use a clean cloth to begin removing the dirt.

Use a toothbrush or a tweezers

Sometimes it may be hard to get all that dirt embedded in your wicker furniture. For this we bring you the perfect solution: a soft tooth brush. In this way, you will be able to do a deeper cleaning and clean the most difficult corners.

When passing the brush, remember that it is important that you always pass it in the same direction as the wicker, so you will avoid damaging it.

If you want, you can wet the tip of the brush a bit to clean more easily. And if after that there is still some embedded dirt, you can use a tweezers or a fine-tipped pliers to remove those debris.

Dry with a fan or hairdryer

Depending on the type of wicker, you can dry it one way or another. If the wicker is synthetic, let it dry in a place where the air flows, but not in the sun, because it can be damaged. On the other hand, if the wicker is natural, dry it better with a hair dryer─ always with cold air─ or with a fan.

Yes, if you have a natural wicker furniture, try to dry it as soon as possible after cleaning it because if it stays damp, fungi can appear.


If the fibers of your furniture are detached or broken, it is advisable that you stick them and repair them as soon as possible to avoid damaging the entire piece. If we let the braiding continue to undo, then it will be even more difficult to repair.

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Therefore, to repair our furniture, you only need white glue, a brush and tweezers. You must apply the white glue with a brush on the detached area. Once stuck, you must fix the area with tweezers.

Very important! Until the glue dries properly, at least after passing around 24 hours, the furniture should not be used nor should any weight be placed on it.

With these five tips, you will know how to clean your wicker furniture without any difficulty despite its complex structure and thus be able to leave them just as clean as the rest of the elements of your home.

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