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Decorate your house for the arrival of Christmas: DIY ideas

Creating your own Christmas decorations doesn’t only save time and money, but it is also a good way to spend a few hours with the family, especially with the kids, who love doing crafts. Here are some ideas to start getting ready Christmas at home.

The Christmas season is already here and it is time to start decorating the house with the typical ornaments of this time of the year. If you want your home to be the most original of all with out the need of going shopping, here you have a few ideas for you to make your own ornaments.

In addition, this is a good way to play with children, to develop their creativity and so they learn how to follow the instructions and to work on their own following a few simple steps.

The Christmas tree is an element that has to be in any house in these times, but to make your home more special and original we give you some ideas of crafts that you can do to hang from its branches.

How to decorate the Christmas tree

What better way to decorate a Christmas tree than with another smaller tree. This is very simple to do with just a little felt and thread and needle. You only need to cut squares, each one smaller than the previous one. Actually, the quantity and measurements are to everyone’s liking, it depends on how big or high you want it to be.

The idea is to place the larger green felt squares in the base and go up, so the smaller ones stay on top, imitating the shape of a real tree. The only thing left to do is to put together all the pieces with the thread and the needle so that the mini tree does not break down. As a final touch, you can create a star also with felt (preferably yellow or red) or make it yourself with paper.

Pineapples are a very typical Christmas element, but you have to give them a more special touch to include them in the decoration of your house. To get this right, you can simply use golden paint to give it that touch or a mixture of water, glue and glitter to get a bright effect, perfect for this season. The pineapples can be hung from the same tree or placed on trays to decorate, for example, the dining table.

decorate your house

How to make your own snowflakes

If you want to have snowflakes inside your house, you just need a good amount of plastic straws and some bridles. To have a more Christmas touch, it is best that the straws are red or use a spray to paint them, but you can choose the color you prefer.

The process is very easy and fast: take a handful of straws and place the bridle in the center. Squeeze it as much as you can (without breaking the straws) so that they bend and there you have your own snowflake. Cut what is left of the bridle and now you can hang it wherever you want.

How to make a shiny ball

Making a shiny Christmas ball is easier than it looks. You just need a balloon, rope, some glitter and glue. Inflate the balloon to the size you want to make the balls, as this will serve as the mold to create them.

Wrap the ballon with the rope until you are satisfied with the final shape. Mix the water with the glue and the glitter so that the rope gets its shiny effect. The only thing left to do is pop the balloon and remove it so that the perfect ball remains and you can hang it wherever you want.

With these simple ideas you can create your own decoration so that your house is the most original at Christmas. By doing this, you also have a good time creating these ornaments with your children. All that is left is enjoying the Christmas season in the company of family and friends.

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