remove rust stains from clothes

Tips to remove rust stains from clothes

The stains of oxide usually are a headache when the moment of removing comes, but there are some natural products that can be very helpful. In the next post we tell you how to remove rust stains from clothes and make it as good as new with home remedies. Remember better safe than sorry, so avoid places where you can get rusted.

It is difficult to make a classification of the most difficult and annoying spots to remove, but probably the rust spots are in one of the top positions. That’s why we’re going to help youremove this type of dirt and prevent your favorite clothes from getting dirty again.

This usually happens when the clothes are wet and are in contact with metal surfaces. This way the residues penetrate the fabric and that stain is very difficult to remove. The first thing that is advisable to do is to find out where the stain comes from, especially if it is at home.

So check the sink, the iron, the hangers, the clothes pegs, the washing machine, etc. Look in all possible metal places where you could have got dirty to be more careful next time. You already know the saying, better safe than sorry.

How to remove rust spots: specialized products

What concerns us today is when the clothes have already been stained and there is no turning back. Before going into natural remedies to clean the stains of oxide, it should be noted that there are specific products for this problem. These usually contain oxalic acid or hydrofluoric acid to act directly against the stain.

These chemicals are very aggressive, so it is advisable to take some precautions. Avoid getting in contact with your skin because they can be toxic, so put on gloves when you are going to use them. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter and thoroughly rinse the garment after cleaning it so that no trace of the liquid used remains.

remove rust stains from clothes

How to remove rust stains: home and natural remedies

In the case that you prefer to use home remedies with objects that you probably have in your house, you have several options. The first is a mixture of hot lemon juice with a tablespoon of salt or baking soda, which you have to apply on the stain and let it dry in the sun for a couple of hours. Then, you just have to wash it with cold water and your garment will be as new without a trace of rust.

Another option for cleaning clothes is vinegar. Apply it over the dirty area and cover it with a little of salt. Let it dry for a few hours in the sun and rinse to check that the rust has disappeared.

Another of the home remedies that you can use is the dishwasher soap, since this liquid needs to be stronger to remove the dirt that remains embedded in the plates and glasses. To apply this soap, you need to mix it in a glass of warm water. Let it act for about five minutes and then rinse the garment with cold water.

With the stains of oxide, you have to be extremely careful. As they are more difficult to remove than the rest, we usually use more aggressive treatments and this can end up spoiling the clothes and making things worse.

Despite the difficulty to remove rust stains, probably with all these tips and different ways to clean up you can get rid of them and have the clothes as new. Always remember to try to find out where you have got your clothes dirty so you can avoid that area inside or outside the house in future occasions and not have to resort to these tips again.

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