ideas decorar casa para relajarte

Decoration ideas to relax at home

Stress can have negative repercussions for health, that is why it is important to take care of our mental health as well as our phisical one. This can be done through the decoration of our own home and create a small corner of tranquility, where we can go when we need to relax. Next, we give you some ideas to design this space inside your own home.

After a long workday, what we all want when we get home is to relax and feel comfortable in order to forget the stress of the day. The decoration and organization of our home play a fundamental role in achieving this comfortable environment.

It does not necessarily have to be a whole room, but a small corner designed to relax, perhaps reading quietly or having a coffee with a loved one. The important thing is that you feel comfortable and that when you need a moment free of stress and obligations, you can go there and feel better.

Therefore, the first thing to decide is the place and this depends a lot on the space you have at home. Maybe you can transform the corner of the room farthest from the television in your oasis of tranquility or a part of the bedroom. The best options are usually the exterior parts of the house, such as a terrace or a garden, since taking fresh air helps to clear the head.

Your corner of perfect tranquility

The most important thing in this space is tranquility. So you have to look for a place away from the usual activity of the house. The living room is not usually a good option, because it is where we spend more time and where there is more noise, but sometimes there is no other option. At least try to use it when there is silence.

The next step is to think about what we want to do in that corner, which are the activities that relax us most or that we like to do the most. For example, if in your case it is reading, you should get a small bookcase. If you prefer to have a quiet drink, you will need a small table to place that drink.

In addition to quietness, it has to be a comfortable place, where you want to sit and spend hours without more worries. So, get yourself a comfortable armchair or chair with a cushion. It does not need to be very big, but you have to be comfortable, so think it over and do not take the first one you see.

Think of all the details

Lighting is also an important aspect and depends on the use that you will give to this corner. For example, if it is simply to have something to drink and relax, you do not need much light, just something tenuous and relaxing like candles, while, if you want to read, you need a more powerful lamp to not hurt your eyesight.

Especially for winter, you should not forget the part of textiles. Having a good temperature is essential to get a good atmosphere of relaxation, so you can not forget about a blanket or a quilt to keep warm.

Like the sun and fresh air helps a lot to relax, plants are also good to convey good feelings. You do not need to turn your special corner into a botanical garden, simply place one or two plants on the shelf or on the table to give it a more lively and organic look.

The important thing, after all, is to create a quiet environment, so use light colors and do not overload with many elements in the corner, as this can give a stressful feeling. In this case, less is more. Also, do not use this space to store other things that do not belong there.

Today we have many burdens and obligations, both personal and work-related, and that causes stress. That is why it is very important that inside our home we can forget about these problems and be able to relax. With these ideas you will be able to create your own corner of tranquility and do what you like most without anyone bothering you.

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