How to clean beach towels?

You arrive home after a fantastic day at the beach and you ask yourself: and now, what do I do with a wet towel, full of sand and with cream spots? So that a nice and relaxed day does not end with stress and dirt, we bring you some tips on how to clean your towels after a day at the beach.

As you know, the towels you use to go to the beach or the pool are a bit different from the ones you use for personal hygiene or the gym. Beyond the color and the texture that they usually have, the intense use that we give in the summer as well as the overexposure to the sun, salt and chlorine among others, make them need special care. Other agents such as humidity, sand, grass or sunscreen spots get our new beach towels wear out and lose their softness quickly. So that this does not happen, we bring you some tips to wash them without damaging. Let’s start!

Step 1: Before washing the beach towels

It is inevitable that the towels will be stained with sunscreen, that they will catch traces of cream and especially sand, however, to preserve them as new, the first thing you should do is that once you use it, while you are still on the beach or in the pool, you extend it to the sun to dry. If you go home after your bath, we recommend that you hang it as soon as possible, to prevent it from getting stuck or taking bad odors from being in your beach bag. Before putting them to wash, it is essential that you shake them well. Of course, make sure that the towels are completely dry, because if they are wet, it is very difficult to remove all the sand. Another thing that you must take into account is that if the towel has been stained with sunscreen or with mud from the lawn, we recommend that you apply on the stain, a little ammonia or dish soap and gently rub the stain. You can do this process even in dry.

Step 2: Tips to wash your beach towel in the washing machine.

Before putting your towel to wash, as with any other garment, we recommend that you look at the label to follow the instructions. If you are premiering and it is the first time you use it, it is important that you wash the towel separately because it is possible that it fades and stains the rest of the garments. You have to keep in mind, that since you are going to wash them very frequently, to avoid wear, the washing program should be short, with cold water and a detergent that respects the color. An extra tip, so that the colors are better fixed, you can use a little vinegar in the rinse, which will also give you a greater softness and avoid odors of humidity. Ideally, wash the towels every time you use them, because sand, salt or chlorine are elements that deteriorate the tissues very much and can make you lose softness and colors. Remember, short washes and cold water. clean beach towels Once the washing machine is finished, as a last step, lays the towel in the shade to avoid the sun wear the colors and well stretched so there are no areas that dry slower and can pick up moisture. So far, we have seen how to wash the beach towels so they last as long as possible, keeping their colors and texture smooth. Now just apply them and enjoy the beach or the pool, with the towel always like new. If you know more tricks to take care of beach towels do not hesitate to share with us leaving a comment. Until next time!

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