10 things you should not forget when you travel with children this summer

Surely on some occasion on the way to the beach you have noticed that you have forgotten the children’s toys and knew that if you did not come back for them, they would not leave you alone all day. What’s more, how many times has it happened to you that when you go to pick up the cream from the bag you remember that you left it on the table? Today we bring you the 10 things you must not forget when you go to the beach with children and how to remember to pick them up. Spend a day at the beach with the little ones can be very fun, as long as we carry everything we need. It is a relaxing moment, in which you are building your childhood memories. However, if you do not have everything you need, it can become your worst nightmare. So that this does not happen, today we bring you the ten things that you should not forget when you are traveling with children to the beach. Take note and remember them before leaving to leave nothing behind.

1. Organization

Before leaving it is essential to have a good organization of everything we are going to wear and keep it well. Surely it has already happened to you that, when taking things out of the car, you have seen yourself surrounded by a thousand junk without knowing how to take them. To avoid going down to the beach excessively loaded and with things that in the end you will not need it, it is important to plan everything you are going to carry and store it well. In addition, you will also avoid having to return at the last minute for something that you have forgotten or having to buy it on the way and spend money unnecessarily.

2. Umbrellas and towels

To spend a good day at the beach, the first thing to do when arriving is to set up camp. Place umbrellas and for everything that will be the rest area. Both to protect ourselves, and to avoid spoiling food and other accessories such as sun protection and mobiles, it is important to have a good shade extension. Therefore, depending on the number of people we are, it will be necessary to put one, two or even three umbrellas. It is very important to avoid sun exposure in the central hours of the day and, because in addition, there is nothing better than lying down under the cool umbrella after eating.

3. Sun protection

Apart from how harmful it is solar overexposure to the skin, no one wants to return from the beach burned and spend a bad night. If you are traveling with children, it is very important that you do not forget the sunscreen, as they spend a lot of time in the sun playing and swimming in the sea. Also, their skin is more sensitive so they can have reactions to the sun much faster. Depending on the age, it is recommended that a specific product be used. Babies should be in the shade most of the time and up to 3 years old use a different sunscreen, since the components of the usual creams are too aggressive for their skin. Have or not more than this age, it must be a factor of 50 and resistant to water to ensure the greatest possible protection. In fact, as almost no child likes to be reapplying the cream continuously, we recommend you use swimwear and a hat with protection factor. trips with children in summer

4. Food and drinks

At the time of eating there are two very possible situations: that your little one is so entertained that he does not feel like stopping to eat or that from so much play he gets hungry and wants to snack as if there were no end. Whether with or without hunger, both children and adults must replenish energy and stay hydrated during the day at the beach, so it is convenient to bring refreshing and light meals and drinks. A good option as an aperitif is to eat seasonal fruit, sate, provide many nutrients and contain a lot of liquid. To drink the best is to bring fresh water. For the little ones you can take some juice for the snack, if it is homemade better, but during the day it is better water because the juices contain a lot of sugar and, besides bad for the health, they can make them thirstier.

5. Toys

Of one thing for sure we agree, children on the beach are tireless. If you want to have a relaxing time in the day, it is best to bring some toys that can be entertained. Cubes, shovels and balls are typical toys that have always been around the umbrellas of families on the beach, but it is not necessary to take them all and go very loaded. It is better for children to choose what they want to carry each day and to take responsibility for each one of their own. trips with children in summer

6. Inflatable vests or sleeves

Whether or not you swim, you cannot take your eyes off them at any time while they are in the water. To avoid scares and, of course, for safety, it is important that we carry some buoyancy support in our luggage. The most recommended are the inflatable vests because they allow better mobility of the arms and are more comfortable. In addition, they prevent children from making dangerous postures with their heads under water.

7. Clothes fresh and changes

When choosing the clothes of the little ones and yours, the best option is fresh clothes with light colors so as not to catch all the attention of the sun. A beach wrap or a camisole to use on the beach if you are going for a walk or going to the bar is a good idea, but what you cannot miss is a change of clothes. We already know that children do not stop entering and leaving the water and wallowing in the sand. For that reason, so that they are not all day with the wet swimsuit, it is recommended that you take a spare swimsuit to change it while the other one dries. In addition, so that on the way back home do not go uncomfortable filled with sand and salt, a change is the solution. So they can sleep in the car quietly after the exhausting day at the beach.

8. Mini Medicine Kit

It is not necessary that you take all your medicine cabinet or the health products you have at home for what may happen. But, for that very reason and to be cautious, there are some basic elements that you should keep in mind before leaving. For example, some waterproof bandages never come badly. We have all ever made a small cut with a shell on the beach. For that reason, not to be uncomfortable with the sand and to avoid getting infected, a band-aid is the most practical. On many occasions, the beach day is longer than expected and night falls, with the arrival of mosquitoes. Therefore, carrying a specific anti-mosquito for children is also a good option. It has always been said that prevention is better than cure. But you know, without exaggeration.

9. Other accessories

Apart from all the things discussed throughout the article, there are other objects such as sunglasses or special shoes for water that although they are not essential, can be very useful. Here you must think about what you or your children may miss and what you consider essential to fully enjoy the beach day.

10. A lot of desire to enjoy!

Now, the last and almost the most important thing so that at the end of the day you have had a great time, what you cannot miss are a lot of desire to enjoy all together. So far our 10 essentials when you’re traveling with children to the beach. And you, do you have something else that you cannot miss? Until next week!

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