Five security keys in your office that you should consider before going on vacation

The longed for summer holidays have arrived. Finally, after the stress of ensuring that everything is closed, that you can go quietly… Your deserved rest days are here! No matter if you like more the beach or country, do not let your vacation ruined by careless, very avoidable. We leave you these tips to make sure that everything goes smoothly while you close for vacation.

With the arrival of the month of August, there is also the closing for vacations of many companies and with it, theft and destruction. Statistically, summer is the period in which thefts in homes and offices increase largely because, since they are not occupied, it is much easier to enter them than when we have normal activity. So that you can enjoy your holiday period peacefully, today we bring you 5 aspects of security that you must bear in mind before taking the key for vacations in the office.

Security systems

Although almost all offices have systems for the surveillance and control of their security, we should not relax and be aware of the importance of having them work correctly, be updated and, of course, be connected 24 hours a day. In case of not having surveillance devices, it is recommended that you do so, since their placement significantly reduces the risk of theft. Some of the most efficient are the alarm systems, security cameras and access controls. Although it is an economic expense, you will gain greater tranquility and you can enjoy your trip much better. In addition, despite being a few days to disconnect, if you are uneasy you can always access the cameras from your mobile comfortably.

Equipment and backups

To make sure that when you return everything is as you left it, the first thing you should do before leaving is to make a backup of all the documents and jobs on your server. As for the equipment, after making the backup, we recommend that you disconnect them. This is because by keeping them plugged in, it is likely that on your return, it will be damaged by heat, power surges or because a window gets break and the equipment get wet. For those who need to leave them on, it is important that you clean the ventilation channels to prevent a failure due to overheating. Although we know that the last thing you want to do on your vacation is something related to work, apart from taking care of the maintenance of the equipment, you must take other precautions before leaving in case you need to resolve a distance emergency. To do this, prepare a remote connection to be able to telematically access data and work tools from anywhere or, if you work from the cloud, make sure you have access to the internet and the necessary devices. office security

The big sneaks: the blinds, the mail and the telephone

Yes, the lowered blinds, the accumulation of postal mail and a phone that is not answered are the great allies of thieves. All these signals make it easily recognizable that nobody has passed through the office for days. The blinds lowered for several days in a row is a sign that there is no one. It is better to leave them half up so that at least it seems that there is someone passing through. As for the phone, just get the number of the office and call a couple of times from outside, hear it sounds and nobody takes it to know that there is nobody. It is better to turn it off or lower the volume, so, when you do not hear anything, you are more likely to think that the number does not match. Finally, if you have a mailbox in the office that is in sight, with the passage of time the mail will accumulate and will be another clue to identify that for a while there is no movement and have free access. The solution for this is to have a person of confidence or support to pick it up from time to time.

The person of trust

The best thing to confuse thieves is to confuse them with the movement of people in the office from time to time. It is possible, that good or because of the closing of the company or because the dates of the employees’ holidays coincide, there is a season in which nobody enters and leaves there. To maintain the appearance of movement, it is important to have a person of confidence who can pass from time to time. The idea is to stay there for a while and not just go in and out of the office. We know that it is something complicated that someone outside wants or can take a good time there; therefore, you can count on our help and solve several aspects at once. Hiring cleaning services, in addition to getting the office is habited from time to time, keep it clean and temperature controlled. In addition, you can solve the mail issue, raise or lower the blinds so they do not always have the same position and turn on the ventilation and air systems from time to time to avoid excessive temperatures in the equipment.

Social networks

Every day, it is more common to share everything through social networks, especially trips. This can be dangerous, apart from for your home, for the office because they will know that it will be closed for vacations. We recommend that you upload this type of content once you have returned to the city or, at least, keep your posts private and between trusted contacts. In the same way, it is preferable that you do not leave a message on the answering machine with the vacation period on the office phone, because it is dangerous. It is preferable that you send an email to your customers individually. Here are some basic tips to keep in mind before leaving on vacation and leaving your office closed for longer than usual. However, if you know any more, do not hesitate to share them with us. In addition, of course! Do not hesitate to count on our help to carry them out and enjoy your plans peacefully. Until next week!

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