5 steps to wash a suit in the washing machine

It is not easy to adapt your calendar to the needs of your clothes. And, on top of that, if you are one of those who wear a suit every day you must be tired of taking it to the dry cleaner’s. Don’t worry, because today we give you all the necessary advices to wash it in your washing machine and make it clean again.

The suit has become a very casual garment. Surely you have worn it several times in recent months, either for an event or just to go to work. And the truth is that it is one of the garments that more worries can give you when it comes to cleaning it. The most common choice is to take it to the dry cleaner’s with lower frequency, because it is an expense to take into account and, in addition, it entails a waste of time that nobody likes. Therefore, today you will be glad to know that you can wash your suit in the washing machine without any problem, so get ready to take notes.

1. Insert the garment inside out in the washing machine

First of all, you should put the suit inside out. It is a basic rule for washing your clothes in the washing machine. In this way, you will be protecting the colour of your clothes and prevent tear of the fabrics and seams. It is also an incentive to let you know that you will not have problems with those fluff that can be stuck upside down on your suit. Thus, you will ensure that your clothes come out unpolluted and as new from your washing machine.

2. Choose a mild detergent

Once your suit is inside the washing machine, you should know that you cannot wash it in any way. It is essential that you choose a neutral liquid detergent prepared for fine and delicate garments. That is, one that is very mild and delicately treat your suit. This is a step that you should take into account, since the choice of a good detergent that is liquid and not powder will allow you to wash your suit in the washing machine with perfect result.

3. Schedule a gentle wash without spin

The key point comes with the program of your washing machine. You probably know that your washing machine offers many different programmes of wash. To take care of your suit, choose a wash cycle that is short (no more than 30 minutes) and very gentle. It is very important that the temperature of the water is cold, neither temperate nor much less hot. The fabrics of the delicate garments are very susceptible to high temperatures and a low temperature will keep them in perfect condition. To avoid aggressive movements, do not select spin, this way you can wash your suit perfectly without wrinkling a millimetre. wash suit in the washing machine Finally, remember not to add fabric softener to the wash cycle. This can damage the fabric of your suit and we don’t want that. If you follow these instructions, in 30 minutes your suit will be totally clean. Although you must be careful. You can’t do it very often, because you could damage it. Once a month would be a good frequency.

4. Put your suit outdoors and in the shade

Once you have finished washing the suit in the washing machine, it is time to let it dry. It is important to hang it on a hanger, never directly on a rope with clothespins. This ensures that the shape of the garment and its seams are maintained. You must completely avoid the dryer for optimal care of your suit. The best time to wash your suit is in the evening. In this way you can leave it outdoors throughout the night until the early morning, because it is essential that the sun does not directly affect it. The suit will get dry as desired overnight and in the morning you can proceed to the last and final step.

5. Iron it carefully at low temperature

The last step is perhaps the most delicate moment of the whole process. You can perfectly iron your suit at home, although you have to do it very carefully. Once you have managed to wash it in the washing machine, you can spread it on your ironing board. First of all, you should cover your suit with a cloth to prevent it from burning. It is very important that you pay attention to your iron, which has to be completely clean. It is also convenient that your iron has a steam function to release it time to time on the fabric. If you do not have it, a vaporizer with water will be enough. You will simply spray the water on the suit and it will act as a protector and will smooth the creases. Then, start ironing it carefully. You have already learned how to wash a suit in your washing machine. With this little guide you can avoid dry cleaning and always have your suit available without major problems. Doing it this way will ensure that your suit is clean and that it lasts for many years. Do you have any other tips? Share it in the comments 😉

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