how to clean cloth slippers

How to clean cloth slippers

How comfortable and combinable are some fabric slippers, right? If it wasn’t because they stain very fast and when they are washed a couple of times they break down, they would be the shoes of the year … Wait! Do you want to know how to clean them easily, so that they do not suffer and at the same time remain as new? We tell you how in the following article.

Cloth shoes are a basic shoes that almost everyone has. They are comfortable, combinable and also give a youthful touch to your looks. If it wasn’t because they get so easily stained, for sure you would use them a lot more, right?

Learn how to clean your cloth slippers without damaging them and never again want to use them because they are too dirty by following these steps.

General tips for cleaning cloth slippers

The first thing you should know is that although most cloth slippers can be cleaned in the washing machine, it is not advisable since they can be damaged. The shoes usually have the rubber sole glued, which after washing it in this way can be affected.

Thus, the best way to clean your cloth shoes is by hand, it will take a little longer but they will look like new.

Before you start, remove the laces to your shoes to wash them in the next wash of those tones and shake them well to remove traces of dust and dirt. To do this, you can help yourself with a shoe brush. Now, you can start cleaning the fabric.

How to clean the shoe fabric

To clean your cloth slippers, it will be enough with products that you surely have at home. Prepare a mixture in a bowl with warm water so that the stains come out better, mild laundry detergent and, if they are very dirty you can add a little bit of baking soda.

Once you have the mixture ready, with a toothbrush go applying it and rubbing it all over the fabric surface making circular movements. When you finish, review those areas that are dirtier or have some stain to make sure you remove them completely.

how to clean cloth slippers

When you think the stains have disappeared, clean the mixture with a cloth dampened in warm water and remove excess water with an old towel. Now, you have all the cloth part of your shoes clean, only the white rubber surface is missing. We’ll explain it next!

How to clean the rubber of the shoes

When your shoes suffer a small stomp or rubs, sometimes it is useful to pass a damp cloth to make the white rubber clean again. But, over time it is necessary to include a small maintenance so that they look like new.

To clean the rubber of your fabric slippers, you only need a toothpaste and the same brush you used to clean the fabric. In addition, the process is very simple.

Apply a little bit of toothpaste on the brush and rub on the rubber surface in a circular motion, you will see that the stains and rubs will disappear returning to a pure white colour.

how to clean cloth slippers

Once you finish the process, with a clean cloth dampened with water, remove the toothpaste and, now, it is time to let your shoes dry.

This last step is also important so that finally your fabric slippers look perfect. You should let them dry on a surface where they don’t get the direct sun, nor the heat, since it could weaken the glue.

In addition, a good trick so that they do not remain wet is to introduce paper balls inside them while they dry. In this way, they will absorb the moisture that penetrates the interior and will help them not to deform.

So far, we have seen how to clean your cloth shoes and make them look like new. Did you take notes?

You can tell us your experience when you try these tips by leaving a comment. And, if you have white cloth slippers, here you can find some more specific tips ? How to clean the white cloth slippers so they are impeccable.

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