clean kitchen tiles to stay bright

4 steps to clean the kitchen tiles and make them bright

How disgusting it is to enter the kitchen and find some dirty tiles, right? Unless it is not used for cooking, it is inevitable that dirt and grease will be generated in the kitchen. Therefore, today we bring you tricks to clean the kitchen tiles and leave them bright.

Due to its daily use, the kitchen is one of the places in the home that requires more cleaning. In addition to the basic cleaning routine after cooking, it is advisable to emphasize the tiles from time to time.

In this way, so that they do not accumulate dirt and grease and, on the contrary, they always look shiny, today we bring you four tricks to clean the kitchen tiles and they are bright. With products you surely have at home.

Tricks to clean the kitchen tiles

1. – Clean and bright tiles with toothpaste

Although it may seem a lie, using toothpaste you can clean the tiles in your kitchen. The best option is bleaches since its ingredients include bicarbonate, a great ally in household cleaning.

To clean the tiles, use an old toothbrush and apply the toothpaste by spreading it and rubbing hard with circular motions. Once finished, clean the entire surface with a cloth and water.

2. – Clean and bright tiles with vinegar

Once again vinegar is your great ally when it comes to cleaning. On this occasion, you just have to mix it in a bowl with water and, with the help of a rag, clean the tiles by rubbing vigorously.

You have to let it act for a few minutes, wait for it to dry and then clean again with a cloth and water. In addition, this trick is very effective to remove lime stains and make them shine like new, especially if you apply hot vinegar.

clean kitchen tiles to stay bright

3. – Clean and bright tiles with baking soda and salt

As much as you use the hood when cooking, in the end the kitchen tiles always end up being affected by grease. Don’t worry; you can make it disappear with baking soda and salt.

For this trick, you should make an equal mixture of baking soda, salt and water. When you add the ingredients, stir them until the mixture is thick and, with the help of a sponge, spread it across the surface by rubbing vigorously.

When you think they are clean, remove the mixture with a cloth soaked in water and dry the surface with a clean, dry cloth. In this way, you will get clean and bright tiles.

4. – Clean and bright tiles with ammonia

Like baking soda, ammonia is a great degreaser and a great remedy to clean kitchen tiles and make them shine like new.

If you decide to clean them with this product, you just have to reduce the ammonia with water and, with a cloth dampened in the mixture, rub the tiles. Then rinse them with a clean cloth, everything will be shiny!

You should keep in mind that ammonia is a very strong product, so it is necessary to have the windows and doors open while cleaning to allow the kitchen to ventilate.

clean kitchen tiles to stay bright

Final trick: get the maximum brightness

Although after cleaning the kitchen tiles with the tricks and previous products will be impeccable and shiny, you can get even more shine using liquid to clean crystals.

This trick must be done once the tiles are completely clean, to finish. It is very simple, you just have to spray the entire surface with glass cleaner and then pass a clean dry cloth.

Now, your tiles will be as bright as the first day!

So far, some tricks to clean the kitchen tiles and make them brighter than ever. We recommend that you use them from time to time so that they always look in good condition.

In addition, whenever you want to do deep cleaning in the kitchen or in any other space of your home, you can count on our services. We are happy to help you! 🙂

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