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Protocol on the Christmas table: the order of cutlery

Do you have to celebrate any of the key dates this year at home? If so, surely you are already planning everything so that it goes perfectly, and to achieve it is essential to know what the protocol is on the table and the order of the cutlery. We tell you!

The days on which Christmas meals are celebrated are key dates that we expect throughout the year. Days when we have an appointment with the whole family and, look how hard it is to bring them all together! For this reason, you have to take care of all the details.

On the table everything must be placed perfectly and to achieve it, you have to follow a protocol. Don’t you know it? Do not worry, today we tell you how to order the cutlery on the Christmas table to impress your family and friends.

General tips when placing cutlery

You have been planning this day for a long time to make everything perfect. Therefore, as it is a special occasion and much more formal than other family meals, by mere protocol, we recommend changing the cutlery with each dish.

You may think that then the table will look much overloaded but, it is not necessary to place the entire cutlery from the beginning. You can first put the cutlery of the main dishes and the rest as the other dishes are served.

In this way, your Christmas table will be less overloaded (although it seems difficult). In addition, you should know that the cutlery should maintain a distance of about two centimeters from the edge of the plate and, one centimeter of distance between one and the other for greater comfort when using them.

The order of cutlery on your Christmas table

Now it is time to solve the classic question: do the forks go to the left or to the right; and the spoon and the knife? Oh, and don’t forget about cutlery for dessert, they also have a specific place on the table.

The order of the forks

The forks are placed to the left of the plate and only they are placed on this side. Once located, you must place them from left to right according to the order in which they will be used.

In this way, those that will be used last will be closer to the plate; and the first to be used on the outside of the arrangement, the furthest from the plate; always placed up and with the tips facing the inside of the table.

The order of the knives

The knives are placed on the right side of the plate and, depending on your Christmas menu; you may have to place several. If so, you must follow the same rule as with the forks but this time from right to left as they will be used.

Thus, those that will be used at the end will be closer to the plate; and beyond the first to be used. It makes sense, doesn’t it? As a last advice, keep in mind that the tip should be facing inside the table and the side that cuts towards the plate.

cutlery order

The order of the spoons

The spoons should also be placed on the right side of the plate and knives, and follow the same protocol as these in terms of placement. The spoon farthest from the plate will be the one used first and the closest, the last one used.

The placement of the spoons on the outside of the arrangement and the cutlery inside makes sense in the order of the dishes; normally, spoon dishes such as creams or broths are served first and then meat and fish.

The order of cutlery for dessert

Finally, we find the placement of cutlery for dessert. But, if the table is already much overloaded we recommend you place them at the time you are going to serve the desserts.

However, they are the only cutlery that are placed all three together and do not go either to the right or to the left of the plate, but in front; between the dishes and the glasses. The fork should have the handle to the left and the spoon and the knife to the right.

Now, you know how to place the cutlery on your Christmas table so that it looks elegant but, if you want more tricks to ensure that your Christmas dinner or lunch is a success, here we leave you ten.

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