New Year's Eve grapes presentation

5 ideas to present the grapes on New Year’s Eve

One of the most special nights of the year is coming, New Year’s Eve! If you celebrate dinner at home this year, surely you want to surprise your guests. Therefore, today we bring you 5 ideas to present the grapes on New Year’s Eve.

The last night of the year is a moment that we live with great enthusiasm, we leave 365 days full of unforgettable moments and we look forward to what the New Year will hold us celebrating with our loved ones and of course, with the traditional 12 grapes. If you want to take them this year differently and give an original touch to dinner, we give you some ideas to present the grapes on New Year’s Eve.

Ideas to present grapes on New Year’s Eve in an original way


An idea of ​​the simplest but with which you will be able to present the grapes on New Year’s Eve in a different and original way is in the form of a skewer. To do this, you only need long wooden sticks and an accessory with which to decorate the skewer.

It is as easy as inserting the twelve grapes of each of the guests on a stick and, on top, add an ornament such as a bow to make it more elegant.

In custom bags

You may have already seen it on occasion; it is about forming packages of twelve grapes for each of the guests. But, to make it more original, the idea is that you customize it for each of your guests.

Buy a roll to wrap gifts that are plastic and ribbons. Then, to create the bags you just have to place the twelve grapes inside the paper and close it with the gift strips. In these, hang a paper with the name of each of the guests and a different message for each.

Christmas tree shape

You can create an even more Christmas atmosphere in your New Year’s Eve dinner by presenting the Christmas tree-shaped grapes.

To do this, you just have to place them on a plate forming a triangle and, place a piece of banana on the bottom simulating the trunk. Then, you just have to decorate it. You can use red fruits as if they were the ornaments and syrup for the garlands.

Grape lollipops

Another very original and super sweet option is to make grape lollipops. It is as simple as carving each grape one by one and then bathing them in molten chocolate and letting it cool so that the grape is covered with a layer of crunchy chocolate.

You can combine milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate and bathe 4 grapes per person in each one. In addition, you can also add bits of nuts on top. Once they are cold, it only remains to sit down!

Hedgehog shaped

The last idea is specially designed for the little ones. It consists of forming a hedgehog with the twelve grapes. Can you imagine their faces when they see it? You only need wooden chopsticks and three ingredients that you probably have at home: grapes, pear and chocolate, easy, right?

To get the hedgehog, you have to peel the pear and cut it in half, from the tail to the bottom. Then, with the help of chopsticks, you must place the twelve grapes on the widest part of the pear, which will form the body of the hedgehog.

Finally, chocolate is used to form the head with the nose and eyes. You just have to make two chocolate balls for the eyes and a bigger one for the nose. Ready! You have got a funny hedgehog with which the little ones will have fun at the time of the bells.

So far, 5 original ideas to present the grapes on New Year’s Eve, what do you think? It is certainly an easy and fun way to take the twelve grapes to the sound of the bells with which we close the year.

If you decide to use any, do not hesitate to tell us your experience and that of your guests. Remember that we are the home cleaning service that will save you this Christmas and, we can help you with household chores and the chaos that forms at home after these celebrations.

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