Tips to keep your home clean and disinfected

One of the most important concerns these days is keeping our homes sanitized. Today we give you some tips so that you can keep your home clean and disinfected quickly and easily.

The current situation is going to change our life forever. Some of the habits that we used to have are going to change and we can see a clear example of this in our personal and home hygiene ,which is necessary to avoid infections.

The easiest way to avoid the spread of the virus is keeping a proper hands hygiene, like we explain in our post Actions against coronavirus: how you should wash your hands step by step, following the WHO recommendations.    

However, like the authorities are saying, the virus can stay on different surfaces and places of our houses for ours or even days. That’s why, to avoid the spread of the virus, hygiene and disinfection at home is essential.

From Aecetia, following the hygiene guidelines to prevent contagions established by the Ministry of Health, we want to give you some tips to do it properly.

General cleaning tips

It is important to give priority to cleaning certain areas of the home that are more likely to be infected, such as the front door, the kitchen where you leave the shopping bags or the entrance where you leave your keys every day.

Moreover, it is also recommendable to take hygiene habits in general to continue adopting them during our day-to-day life and make them a routine even after the current situation is over.

That is why you should pay attention to the following advice in order to have the tranquility of having your home totally out of possible contagion risk.

  • Clean and disinfect the rooms frequently. The best remedy against the spread is cleaning.
  • Clean daily with soap and water the surfaces with which you are frequently in contact with. To do it, use non reusable gloves.
  • Ventilate rooms regularly for at least 5 minutes a day. Overcrowding and the absence of ventilation are factors that favor the transmission of the virus.
  • Pay special attention to your bathroom and kitchen, as well as the surfaces that are more frequently touched like: knobs, handrails, switches, taps, table tops, etc.
  • You should clean your home starting from the most dirty zones to the cleanest ones and from the tallest to the shortest.
  • It is important to clean before disinfecting for it to be effective.

Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen

The kitchen and the bathroom have special characteristics like humidity, that makes germs accumulate more easily. For this reason, it is important to pay special attention to the cleaning and disinfection of these rooms.

To eliminate the dirt, the best thing you can use is soap and water. After that, to disinfect is recommended to use bleach or the usual products following the manufacturer’s instructions.

In case of using bleach, to get 0,5 litres of disinfectant you should dilute 10ml of bleach with 490ml of water and use it on the same day.

You should wash your kitchen scourers frequently to avoid the accumulation of germs. To do this, soak them in water with a few drops of bleach for 10 minutes, rinse them and let them dry well.

Cleaning your clothes

The first recommendation is not to shake your clothes to prevent the virus from spreading to other rooms.

When doing your laundry, use the correct program for each type of cloth, the detergent that you use daily, and if the clothes are too dirty, you can use a high temperature program when possible.

In the event of having an affected person at home or that presents symptoms until the moment in which the clothes are washed, the sheets and towels must be kept in a hermetically sealed bag, and not opened until the moment of putting the washing machine on.

To wash them, you should use a high temperature program (60º-90º) with your common detergent and leave it until it’s completely dry before using it.

Cleaning your dishes

Another fundamental aspect of hygiene that we have to take into account to avoid the infection is cleaning of all the utensils that we use at mealtime. Plates, glasses, cutlery … items for daily use that are in direct contact with saliva.

It is really important that they are not share and when cleaning them, the best option is using the dishwasher with a high temperature program. In case of doing your dishes manually, it’s better to use hot water and soap.

Cleaning other elements of your home

In addition to the previous zones we have talked about, there are other places in our home that we should not forget when it’s time to disinfect the house.

A good example of this are the windows. We should clean them from the inside and the outside, and a really useful product to do it is the ammonia. You should mix it with water to get a complete disinfection and a degreasing effect, and never forget the use of gloves for greater protection and to avoid skin abrasion with the product.

Another option is using vinegar diluted in warm water. Use this mix with a pulverizer, it will give them shine and disinfection.

Other elements we cannot forget are the common use objects like towels, remotes, sofas, tables or bookshelves. Cleaning them with bleach or ammonia will be effective.

Here are some tips to help you keep your house clean and disinfected. From Aecetia, we hope that they have served you and that you continue to comply with all the recommendations of the authorities to end this situation as soon as possible.

We are publishing articles on our blog with content that can help you during these days of being at home.

We remind you that if you need it, our staff complies with all the relevant sanitary measures to help you with the cleaning and disinfection tasks of your home, so if you need our help, contact us.

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