7 keys to return to the school routine

In most cases, family reconciliation is largely determined by your children’s school calendar, right? In this post, we give you some tips to help you face the return to the school routine after these months of uncertainty. Despite being immersed in the heart of the de-escalation plan and without having finished this year’s school year, […]

4 steps to easily clean your jackets

There is nothing that improves and fixes your looks like a good blazer, right? The problem is that they are usually quite delicate garments and we tend to feel insecure when cleaning them. Do not worry! We show you the definitive steps to wash your jacket easily to make it look like new whenever you […]

How to clean stainless steel appliances

We are seeing more and more stainless steel appliances in our homes. That’s because, if we take proper care of them, the finish and shine of this material brings a lot of elegance and aesthetics to the kitchen. We teach you how to clean them so that they are always in a perfect condition and […]

What is Borax? Check out our borax cleaning hacks!

In this article we reveal everything about Borax, a home cleaning star product. We explain its different applications, and how and when to use it so you can forget about constantly buying new cleaning products.

How to clean white walls

Your white walls are not white anymore? If you think that the white walls of your home need to be repainted but you don’t have time for it… Just follow these recommendations! They will look just as newly painted without all the work. White walls never go out of style, and it is that, in […]

5 cultural activities you can do from home

This new reality is making us discover new ways of enjoying our free time from our homes. Thanks to digitalization, during this lockdown time we have been able to be really close to our loved ones, discover new places and do activities we have never tried before. Without going outside, the lockdown has made us […]

Protocols and measures of hygiene during the “new normality”

aecetia empresa de limpieza en sevilla contra covid

In Aecetia we are professionals in the cleaning sector and we want to share with you all the measures that we are carrying out to guarantee the safety of our employees, at the same time that we tell you how you can ensure that you comply with the protocols to minimize contagions at home. In […]

Tips to keep your home clean and disinfected

One of the most important concerns these days is keeping our homes sanitized. Today we give you some tips so that you can keep your home clean and disinfected quickly and easily. The current situation is going to change our life forever. Some of the habits that we used to have are going to change […]