Crafts at home for adults

Do you need to disconnect and don’t know how to do it? We give you some ideas of craft projects for adults that will help clear your mind and have fun at home during the lockdown.

How to organize your household chores without losing your mind

En Aecetia miramos siempre por tu economía. Por eso, te recomendamos la fórmula que mejor se adapte a sus necesidades.

Do you argue everyday about who should be in charge of each chore? Do you end up doing it yourself so you avoid any further discussion? We have the ultimate solution to organize your household chores without losing your mind and making everybody happy at home.

5 fantastic ideas to paint your rooms

Our home is one of the places where we spend time during our life. That’s actually why it is really important that you feel comfortable there.  Do you want your rooms to match your personality? Let’s start by painting your rooms according to what you want them to convey!

Activities to do as a family without leaving home

family activities

Don’t you know what to do to entertain the little ones in the house? It is normal for them to be nervous when they cannot go out to play. But do not despair, we give you some ideas for activities that you can do as a family without leaving home and having an incredible time […]

How to remove stains on white clothes

Are you afraid to wear that white shirt that you like so much for fear of staining it? It is true that white clothes get dirty very easily and then it is difficult to clean. Do not worry! Today we give you some infallible tricks to remove stains on white clothes.

Step by step: how to clean an extractor hood

clean an extractor hood

The extractor hood is one of the places where more dirt and grease accumulates in the kitchen. It is inevitable but today, we teach you how to clean it step by step so that it is impeccable.

Tricks to bleach white clothes

bleach white clothes

The white clothes are a basic that we all have in our closet and they combine with everything! Truth? The problem comes when with the passage of time the white color begins to disappear and the odious yellowish spots arrive. Does it sound to you? Today, we tell you how to return the white color […]