7 keys to return to the school routine

In most cases, family reconciliation is largely determined by your children’s school calendar, right? In this post, we give you some tips to help you face the return to the school routine after these months of uncertainty. Despite being immersed in the heart of the de-escalation plan and without having finished this year’s school year, […]

How do you fix faded clothes?

how to fix faded clothes

You put on your new blouse or shirt, and everything is perfect until you wash it and… it fades other clothes from the laundry! At that point, even though it looks great on you, you wish you hadn’t bought it. Does this situation ring a bell? Don’t worry, because we show you below the tricks […]

5 cultural activities you can do from home

This new reality is making us discover new ways of enjoying our free time from our homes. Thanks to digitalization, during this lockdown time we have been able to be really close to our loved ones, discover new places and do activities we have never tried before. Without going outside, the lockdown has made us […]

Crafts at home for adults

Do you need to disconnect and don’t know how to do it? We give you some ideas of craft projects for adults that will help clear your mind and have fun at home during the lockdown.

How to organize your household chores without losing your mind

En Aecetia miramos siempre por tu economía. Por eso, te recomendamos la fórmula que mejor se adapte a sus necesidades.

Do you argue everyday about who should be in charge of each chore? Do you end up doing it yourself so you avoid any further discussion? We have the ultimate solution to organize your household chores without losing your mind and making everybody happy at home.

5 fantastic ideas to paint your rooms

Our home is one of the places where we spend time during our life. That’s actually why it is really important that you feel comfortable there.  Do you want your rooms to match your personality? Let’s start by painting your rooms according to what you want them to convey!