How to wash feather pillows

Getting a good rest is one of the keys to facing days full of energy and positivity. And to achieve this, it is important to have a pillow that is comfortable and adapts to your body shape, like feather pillows. If you have chosen this option, in this post we show you how to wash […]

How to clean stainless steel appliances

We are seeing more and more stainless steel appliances in our homes. That’s because, if we take proper care of them, the finish and shine of this material brings a lot of elegance and aesthetics to the kitchen. We teach you how to clean them so that they are always in a perfect condition and […]

What is Borax? Check out our borax cleaning hacks!

In this article we reveal everything about Borax, a home cleaning star product. We explain its different applications, and how and when to use it so you can forget about constantly buying new cleaning products.

How to clean white walls

Your white walls are not white anymore? If you think that the white walls of your home need to be repainted but you don’t have time for it… Just follow these recommendations! They will look just as newly painted without all the work. White walls never go out of style, and it is that, in […]

How to organize your household chores without losing your mind

En Aecetia miramos siempre por tu economía. Por eso, te recomendamos la fórmula que mejor se adapte a sus necesidades.

Do you argue everyday about who should be in charge of each chore? Do you end up doing it yourself so you avoid any further discussion? We have the ultimate solution to organize your household chores without losing your mind and making everybody happy at home.