decora tu casa con bajo presupuesto

Open the door to Christmas; decorate your house on a low budget

One of the seasons of the year in which we most enjoy our loved ones is approaching: Christmas. We want our house to transmit that spirit, but without spending too much.  That’s why today decorate your house on a low budget, following this tips ‘Do it yourself’.

Christmas is a time that involves shopping, and we usually spend a lot of money on dinners, gifts and decorations. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to be counting money’ to be able to do everything. Today we tell you not to worry, since there are many tricks that help you save up.

It is possible to ‘cut down’ the budget in Christmas decoration, following a series of tips that we give you below.

Paper snowflakes

decorate your house on a low budget

Decorate your house on a low budget by making paper snowflakes, one of the easiest crafts to decorate at Christmas. You only need paper, scissors and a little thread to hang them, or adhesive tape to stick them.

Also, being such a simple activity, your children can help you. You can hang the snowflakes on the Christmas tree or stick it on the crystals. This will make you, in addition to achieving the goal of decorating, to have a good time as a family.

Christmas wreaths

Christmas wreaths are a classic in this era. Although you can buy them at any store, you also have the option to make them yourself. You only need a newspaper, duct tape, tinsel, Christmas balls and silicone.

First, roll the newspaper over itself, to make a kind of curler. Make several and then put them together, so they remain in a circle shape. To make our Christmas wreath more resistant, we will wrap the circle of newspaper with adhesive tape.

Finally, we will place the tinsel around the circle, and with glue or silicone we will fix the Christmas balls, and that’s it! You will have a great Christmas wreath.

Tree branches

Tree branches can become the perfect ornament at Christmas. If you have parks nearby you can go and see if a branch has fallen. Take only those branches that are on the ground do not tear them from the tree directly!

Once you have your branch, print it in glue and then sprinkle it with glitter, it will be perfect!

You can place it in a glass container or in a pot with some dirt at the entrance of your house.

Pinecones to decorate

decorate your house on a low budget

If you know a nearby area where there are pine trees, you can pick up the pinecones that fall and use them for decoration at home, especially on the Christmas tree.

To give them a special touch, decorate them as you like. You can paint them with a spray of the color that you like and spray them with glitter. For example, silver or gold color sprays are the most advisable, since they are Christmas and elegant colors. But if you like to get out of the ordinary, play with your imagination and use the colors that you like the most.

In addition to the tree, if you put them in a glass container you will have the perfect centerpiece (and you can show off during the Christmas dinner of the story behind those pinecones)

The Christmas tree is just the beginning of the Christmas decoration. In previous post we already told you how to do it yourself. Advent calendars, felt decorations and much more to follow the Christmas decoration.

Decorate your house with a low budget now. If you know any other trick to save on Christmas decorations of your home, do not hesitate to share it with us.