complementos para el traje de flamenca

Haz tus propios complementos para el traje de flamenca

The Feria is coming. Surely you are still cleaning the mantilla and Nazarene costume for Easter, but it is time to think about the Feria, the flamenco dress and make all the necessary preparations to go perfect to step on the sand for the first, second and all the times that are needed in this important week in the city of Seville.

The flamenco dress is the key piece of a woman’s wardrobe when she goes to the Real de la Feria, but the small details of the accessories are what put the icing on the cake and make them truly stand out.

In the trends of 2018, the highlights are the golden color, geometric figures, elongated earrings, the game of large balls and prints, as well as the vintage style glued earrings. This year’s color palette is reduced to red, raw, pink, burgundy and pastel, with the classic carnations and rose buds.

After this little note about fashion that we will see at the Feria of April 2018, let’s see how to make our own accessories at home.

How to make your own earrings

Probably, this is not the first time you go to the feria, so you must have at home several pairs of earrings that you can reuse for this occasion. With the change in trends, each year it is usual that the colors of the accessories do not match those of the dress.

To solve that, you just have to take a nail polish of the color that best fits your dress to paint the old earrings. Use a good amount of enamel to give a pearly feeling thanks to the normal brightness of this type of paint. Do not forget to brush the holes so that nothing of the original color remains and you will have new earrings to be released and to match your dress.

How to make your own comb

To make the comb, the process is very similar to that of the earrings, because you have to use an equal or very similar one (so that they complement each other well). This slope you need to stick it on a comb with hot silicone on the edge. To ensure a little better, you can use fishing line between the holes of both accessories and you have the comb ready.

How to make your own flower

The first thing you need to make a flower is to cut out several circles of fabric of the color you want (it can be the same type as the one in the suit). The circles should have an approximate diameter of 4.5cm, 6cm, 8cm, 9.5cm and 11.5cm.

To give a greater feeling that they are real petals, you have to burn the edges of the circles with the fire of a candle or a lighter. Be very careful, because the cloth burns very easily.

Once you have all this ready, you have to wrap the tip of the flower stick with the smaller circle and so on one after the other. In this way, the petals of the flower are created from smaller to larger until it is complete.

With these simple craft tricks, you can make your accessories in your home in a simple and cheap way to be perfectly prepared for this year’s fair, and also unique. Now we just have to wait until the night of the pescaito arrives. And if you are many at home and do not give enough with the set-up of the suits of the week, or you find it impossible to have perfect ironing your dress, get in touch with us and we help you.

Enjoy the Feria!