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Malaga: +34 618 863 526

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8:00 to 18:00h

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Reach us on whatsapp  618 863 526

Welcome to Aecetia

Company specialized in domestic and household services in Seville and Malaga

In Aecetia, we make possible the conciliation of professional and personal life by providing housework. So, you only have to worry about what really matters, enjoying your family. We will take care of the rest.

We cover all kinds of services, from occasional cleaning to patients care in hospitals. Always counting with professionals with specific training to ensure the excellence in each of the services.

Why to Choose us

In Aecetia, our main goal is make you life easier. So, when you hire our services, these are some of the benefits you get:

We adapt our prices to your needs. You only pay for what you use

Very competitive prices

Guarantee of professionalism and confidence, since Persán Foundation supports us.

Free services cancellation. Whenever it is done in advance

Forget “red tape”. We handle to register the staff and regularize all documentation

Coverage of casualties, by substituting another worker

You are creating employment and contributing to improve the other´s quality of life

No conflicts. One of the worst parts of having help at home is when conflicts arise with the person who helps us

What do our clients say

“El servicio es cómodo y rápido de contratar, ya sea para temas puntuales o continuados. Lo mejor es que nunca me veo desatendida. Si el trabajador tiene una baja, tienes opción de sustituirlo, y siempre respaldado por la empresa.”

Irene, Nervión

“Servicio de limpieza de calidad y de absoluta confianza, tanto para la limpieza diaria como para ocasiones esporádicas. Excelentes trabajador@s. 100% recomendable.”

José Manuel, Tiro de Línea

“Mi experiencia con Aecetia siempre ha sido muy positiva, dando un gran servicio y profesionalidad en la gestión de todos los trabajos realizados”

Guillermo, Nervión.